A Lenten Journey of Stones

Dear Friends,

The season of Lent is a special time for Christians. 

Every year, these holy, forty days, are set aside for us to reflect on our own brokenness and need for confession, repentance, and forgiveness. The season concludes on Easter Sunday, following Holy Week, with the assurance that, in Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection, we have been given the promise of new life eternal. This year we will have a powerful opportunity to experience this evolution of emotion, reflection, acceptance, and celebration as we embark together on a “Journey of Stones.”

My weekly sermons will be based on scriptural references to stones that will call us to prayerful and honest repentance. Weekly themes will include: Written in Stone, Rejected Stones, Sticks and Stones, Hearts of Stone, Upon this Rock, Crying Stones, The Final Stone, Stones to Bread, and finally, The White Stone. See the whole schedule and assigned scripture readings here.

To aid us in our reflection and worship experience, each Sunday you will be invited to come forward during the hymn following the sermon, and place a stone at the foot of the cross, as a symbol of our sin and all those things which separate us from God. You can bring your own stones or pick one up outside the sanctuary from some that will be provided.

If you would appreciate going deeper into your Sunday experience, we will be discussing the previous week’s Sunday scripture and sermon at our Wednesday evening adult Bible studies.

I expect this will be a moving experience for you, if you allow it to be. We are all sinners in need of God’s incredible expression of love, mercy and forgiveness that comes to us by way of the cross and empty tomb. To reflect on this undeserved gift during Lent is what will, potentially, make our Easter celebration more meaningful than ever. So join me (and the Holy Spirit!) on this journey of stones, as we await together, the Final Stone’s removal and the emergence of new life in Christ.

Lenten Blessings to you,
Pr. Dale