First United Methodist Church

Cemetery Rules and Regulations


JULY, 2002

(REVISED) August, 2019
The following rules and regulations shall apply to Crescent Beach Cemetery, owned by First United Methodist Church, Lindstrom, MN.
All conveyance of lots in said cemetery hereafter made shall, in addition to a description of the lot and covenants or general warranty, contain the following provision.
“To have and to hold the same, subject however, to all laws of this state, and the rules and regulations now or hereafter enacted for the management and regulation of this cemetery, and also subject to all the rules and regulations and by-laws enacted by said trustees for the regulation and government of said, now in force or that may be hereafter made for the regulation of the same or any part thereof.”
The price for grave lots shall be as follows:
  • Full size lot (adult or child) Member $600
    • Non Member $900
  • Cremation site (single or double) Member $400
    • Non Member $600
Member is defined as those persons who are members of First United Methodist Church. Members may purchase grave sites at member’s prices for non-member dependent children.
Grave location fee charged to lot owner via funeral home at the time of burial:
  • December 1 thru March 31 $75
  • April 1 thru November 30 $50
One hundred percent (100%) of the sale proceeds will be placed in the Perpetual Care Fund.
Full payment is due within 30 days.
Graves may only be resold to the Cemetery Committee for the amount of the original purchase price.
  • Cremation or regular burial is allowed in all lots.
  • One casket burial; or, two cremations; or, one casket plus one cremation per lot.


  • Grave markers must be constructed of first grade granite, marble or bronze. All markers must be of this flat or surface type, set even or flush with the surface of the ground.
  • Single markers shall not exceed 12”x24”. Double markers shall not exceed 14”x42” and becentered on two lots.
  • Markers must have a cement apron 4” wide and 4” deep.
Monuments may be erected on any lot in cemetery. Monuments shall not exceed 54” in width for a double lot and must be centered between the two lots. All monuments shall have a cement apron 4” wide and 4” deep on all sides. Single monuments must not exceed 32” wide including apron.
While the Cemetery Committee will exercise all reasonable care to protect all markers and monuments, it disclaims responsibility for any damage done by an Act of God, war, insurrection or vandalism. Should any marker or monument become unsightly, dilapidated or a menace to visitors or employees, the Committee will have the right to repair or remove the same.
The Cemetery Committee reserves the right to reject any marker, monument or other memorial if considered to be improper or of poor quality. The committee also reserves the right to correct any error made in the location or placement of any marker or monument at monument company expense.
  • All trees & shrubs within the cemetery will be planted only by the authority of the Cemetery Committee.
  • Flowers or wreaths may be placed on graves next to the stone so that they do not interfere with the mowing.
  • Flower pots may be put in a holder and stuck into the ground next to the stone.
  • Flags or small crosses may be put on graves for Memorial Day and must be removed after one week.
  • Signs or other objects of any kind may not be placed on or near grave site.
  • The cemetery caretaker may remove wilted flowers, wreaths, plants or other objects as necessary.


  • All caskets shall have vaults.
  • Two cremations may be buried on one standard lot. Remains may be placed in an urn or black plastic box purchased from funeral home. Grave must be dug 24” deep. No ashes may be scattered on top of ground.
  • One child casket may be buried per grave or two baby caskets.
  • All graves must be identified with a marker or monument.
Persons engaged in installing vaults or erecting any marker or monuments are prohibited from attaching ropes or cables to monuments, trees, or shrubs. They must do as little damage to grass, trees, shrubs and other plantings as possible. Any damage done must be repaired by either the person or persons
responsible for damage.
Approved by Church Council