Journey of Stones | A Lenten Experience

Our Lenten journey at First UMC Lindstrom this year will draw from the rich imagery and symbolism of rocks and stones found throughout Scripture.

These powerful images of stones (and our tendency to throw them) are painfully representative of our sins. As you worship with us throughout this season of Lent you will be invited to bring with you, each week, a rock or a stone (of any size or shape), representing the sin in your life, to be placed at the foot of our large wooden cross that will be displayed in our sanctuary. On Easter Sunday morning, this collection of stones and rocks will “be moved”, as the stones sealing Jesus’ tomb “were moved”, serving as a powerful and vivid illustration of how Jesus removes our stones of sin.

Our Wednesday evening adult Bible studies will be a time of further reflection and conversation about the stones (sin) in our lives as we consider each week’s assigned scripture reading. As Easter Sunday arrives, we will give thanks that what we could not do ourselves (move our stones), someone else (Jesus) has done for us!
We hope you will plan to join us for the meaningful Lenten experience.
Weekly Themes will include:

Ash Wednesday, February 26 Written In Stone – Exodus 32:1-24 

Sunday, March 1 Rejected Stones – Psalm 118; Mark 12:1-2

Sunday, March 8 Sticks and Stones – John 8:1-12

Sunday, March 15 Hearts of Stone – Luke 11:37-52

Sunday, March 22 Upon This Rock – Matthew 16:13-20

Sunday, March 29 Crying Stones – Luke 19:29-40

Palm Sunday, April 5 The Final Stone – Matthew 27:60

Maundy Thursday, April 9 Stones To Bread – Matthew 4:1-11

Easter Sunday, April 12 The White Stone – John 20:1-18; Revelation 2:17