The Real Miracle!

Dear Friends,

“Here’s my lunch, Jesus!”

What a great worship we had last Sunday as we were reminded to “go to other side of the lake” with Jesus to get away, to rest, and to pray. Where is that “other side of the lake” for you? I pray that you are able to find rest and renewal this Summer in the midst of your usual day-to-day busy-ness and sometimes chaotic lives.

This Sunday, July 29, we begin a four-week series of lessons from the gospel of John that speak about Jesus as the Bread of Life. We’ll begin by looking closely this week at the miracle of the feeding of the 5000 found in John 6:1-15.

We know this story well and always assume the miracle in it is the amazing multiplication of food that ends up feeding all with even several baskets left over. But is that the REAL miracle in the story?

I’m going to explore a different way of considering this miracle, with the understanding that perhaps, it all hinged on the little boy who had, and was willing to share, his lunch. (And Andrew, who brought the boy to Jesus.)

The little boy believed enough to think that his little sack lunch could make a difference. He doesn’t have much, this little guy, but what he does have, he brings to Jesus and offers to share. Others in the crowd see his example and they begin taking out buns from their baskets and fish from their lunch pails. Pretty soon, food is just flying around that hillside, because the hard hearts of those people have been changed to hearts of generosity. A miracle in and of itself.

Now, it was Andrew who brought the little boy to Jesus. Thank God he did. If he had dismissed the idea as silly, none of this might have happened. But when you bring a child into the presence of Jesus, watch out! When you bring a child and all of their possibilities into the presence of Jesus, amazing things can happen. Who brought you into the presence of Jesus? A mom or dad; a grandparent, some kind neighbor, a co-worker?

We know how much Jesus cared about and loved the Children don’t we? “Bring them to me.” “The kingdom of heaven belongs to them.” “To enter Kingdom of Heaven, one must become like a child.”

The little boy played an important role in this story. He brought his meager lunch and was willing to share it. One gift shared, led to another gift shared, and yet to another, and another, and so forth. Soon, there was enough for all. Like church potlucks – it always seems there is enough food for everyone, doesn’t it, when all contribute with their dish. You also, play an important role in the on-going story of Jesus and the journey of faith that we are all on together.

My hope and prayer this week is that, like the little boy, we may never stop asking, “What do I have that can help?”, and “What of that, am I willing to give up?”

God will take what you offer and will use your example to inspire one another – and in faith, and in the hands of Jesus – we believe we will have enough to do what God wants us to do in this place at this time.
Best of luck to all who are participating in and volunteering with this weekend’s triathlon. We expect there will be fewer people in church. Enjoy the day!

The rest of you … we’ll see you in Church 🙂

Pastor Dale