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We are worshipping in-person every Sunday at 9am. Worship continues to be livestreamed on our church Facebook page at 9:00am Sunday mornings and available here on our website to view at any time during the week.

All Are Welcome.

No Exceptions.

You are a

Child of God!

First United Methodist Church in Lindstrom is a welcoming, accepting, and authentic community of faith.
Together at First UMC we grow as disciples of Jesus trusting in His forgiving grace and endless mercy. Our goal is to always strive to stay faithful to the three scriptural imperatives of the United Methodist Church: 1.) To Grow in Love toward God and Neighbor (Matt. 22:37-40), 2.) To Reach New People (Matt. 28:19-20), and 3.) To Heal a Broken World (Luke 4:16-21).
To stay true to these, is to stay true to Jesus and his life and ministry.

God loves all people.

So do we.

Please take a look around our website and Facebook page. We hope you will contact us if you have any questions.

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God Equips Me!

Dear Friends,
We’re in the third week now of our five-week sermon series called, “Claimed: Wildly Loved by God!”. The first week we heard how God claims us – how God created us as we are, full of value and worth, and claimed us as his own. Then last Sunday we heard how not only God created and claimed us, but he loves us, without condition, beyond our comprehension. And now today, understanding we are created, claimed, and loved by God, we learn how, or are reminded how, through God’s Holy Spirit, we are equipped with unique gifts to serve and love God. Again, like last week, remembering just how much we are unconditionally loved by God, knowing and understanding that these gifts from the Holy Spirit that we’ve each been created with, then compels us to use them to serve, love, and uplift those around us. This is God’s purpose for us always – to serve and love him while serving and loving others.
In his book, Dangerous Wonder, Mike Yaconelli writes, “I am convinced that what characterizes people who know Jesus is not their lack of sin, but the presence of a radical, wild, mysterious calling from God upon their life.”
God has a plan and a purpose for each of us. We weren’t saved from a life of sin to simply and only sit in a church pew on Sunday mornings. Christ died for us so that we could tell others that Christ died for them, while loving and serving them in any way we can. While sharing that common goal, each of us has been equipped and prepared differently for unique purposes.




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Closed on Wednesdays!